passionate gardener

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The first day of the beginning of my new life. I'm a blogger!

I'm passionate about gardening. So much so that I wish to learn more about it each day. I've got three plans for gardening in the near future: I wish to open up my sun area to provide for more flowers. Then, I will make small bouquets available, in not fancy containers, at a local farmers market. Why can't a quick bouquet to reach a friend in need just cost a few bucks? My second heart pulsing plan is to create a rain garden in the front of the house. I wish to learn more about these and help others with them for water conservation. Lastly, I'm as passionate about grandparenting in the garden as I am about the above two ideas. I attempted a sunflower house with morning glories for a roof, but it needs revision. Have a great day gardening!